about Bell&ross Br-05 watches

Bell & Ross, the leading brand in the aviation timepiece market, has designed the iconic BR 03 square watch for professionals in extreme environments. Today, the brand has added the BR05 series. This new watch faithfully inherits the brand slogan of “easy to read, practical, reliable and precise”, highlighting the distinctive urban modern style. The case line is the combination of square and circle- this is the basic geometry favored by the Bell & Ross brand, reflecting the brand characteristics.Bell&Ross Br05 watch ads

However, the structure of the BR05 watch goes beyond the square and round shape itself, and it combines the squareness of the rigor and the roundness to form its own unique personality. The elegant and confident style makes full use of the city’s infinite vitality, adorable and distinctive. In short, the BR 05 watch is a modern timepiece for urban explorers.Bell&Ross Br05 watch desig

Bruno Belamich, co-founder and creative director of Bell & Ross, once said: “The integrated design of the case and bracelet is not only compatible with the brand’s visual image, but also adds another grade to the watch: The first chain-link is part of the case. This type of design dates back to the 1970s, and when it was transferred to Bell & Ross, it produced a vivid graphic effect, stunning and modern.”Bell&Ross Br05 watch finish

The remarkable surface finish of the BR05 watch is truly eye-catching. The 40 mm case is treated with an angular process. The various surfaces with the satin finish are particularly flat. Polished chamfers accentuate and enhance the sense of volume.Bell&Ross Br05 watch bracelet

The ultra-flexible steel bracelet is also decorated with this satin and polished surface.Bell&Ross Br05 watch line

The curvature of the curve is given special attention so that all parts are harmoniously matched to ensure that the bracelet fits comfortably to any wrist.Bell&Ross Br05 Rubber strap watch

The new collection is also equipped with an embossed rubber strap for a more stylish look. The Bell and Ross BR 05 watch dial are detailed with a delicate radial sunburst, ensuring excellent legibility, with the color choice of silver-gray, navy and dark black.Bell Ross Br-05 watch for him

Summary: With its one-piece design, superior ruggedness and comfort, and superb surface finish, the Bell & Ross BR 05 timer can be regarded as a loyal partner to any positive urban lifestyle. This timepiece with a distinct personality exudes an exceptional delicacy and elegance. It’s the latest masculine model of Bell & Ross: it’s like carving, it’s fascinating. For active men who are eager to challenge modern life, control time, control their own destiny and be sociable, this watch is an ideal choice. If you think that $5,000 is expensive, you can wait to buy an exquisite replica watch that looks the same as this Bell and Ross BR 05 timepiece.