Since 2005, Bell & Ross has built a reputation for high-altitude performance products by creating a collection designed with cockpit instruments: square, practical, and rugged. From elite police forces to naval air pilots, Bell & Ross watch has been dedicated to ensuring the simultaneous advancement of civilian and military professionals. Bell & Ross will also draw inspiration from the style of this professional staff.

The inspiration of Bell & Ross
Most of the Bell & Ross watches are inspired by the instrumentation of the aircraft cockpit. And this time, the brand is inspired by the MA-l flight jacket, which is a symbol of the pioneering design of the US Air Force pilot’s clothing, launching the latest top-flight watch. BR03-92MA-l.

In the 1950s, with the opening of the military jet era, the design of flying jackets in the United States also changed: the MA-1 debuted in this context and became a symbol of the US Air Force. The MA-1 jacket was originally a pilot’s life jacket but later became a fashion classic. And in 2019, the new Bell & Ross watch was inspired to showcase the brand’s creative design philosophy.

Instruments BR 03-92 MA-1 is a simplified version of the most classic pilot watch belongs to Bell & Ross. With carefully designed detailing, this watch pays tribute to the 1958 American Air Force legendary MA-l pilot jacket. In the 1950s, the US Air Force adopted a color nylon and ergonomic shape design, and the Bell & Ross designers took inspiration and launched a dynamic style self-winding pilot watch. This new style unveiled the brand’s flight watch design, which is a new chapter in aesthetics.

Bell & Ross has always adhered to the principle of design first and aesthetics. In fact, the MA-1 flight jacket has the same concept: in the 1950s, jet aircraft were widely used, and the altitude of the flight increased, so the pilot faced cabin in a low-temperature challenge. In addition, the streamlined design of aircraft fuselage is popular, while avionics are more advanced, which makes cockpit more compact. MA-1 jacket is lightweight, comfortable and warm enough for the needs of this time. As a result, the bomber jacket revived in the 1970s and became a fashion symbol.

The 999-piece BR 03-92 MA-l watch has a lightweight and scratch-resistant ceramic material that is as functional as nylon. In addition, the orange luminous number on the dial of the watch for night flight is more eye-catching under the dial of the deep khaki. Like the high-performance MA-1 pilot jacket, the Instruments BR 03-92 MA-l watch combines the number of design inspiration in a 42 mm frame, which is fascinating for both retro aviation enthusiasts and fashion lovers.

Bell & Ross Instruments BR03-92-MA-1 watch

Bell & Ross Instruments BR0192-HERITAGE watch