Bell & Ross is once again a showcase of creativity and pioneering spirit, while still faithfully inheriting the value of the brand’s emphasis on functionality and practicality. In the journey of creating the ideal practical watch, Bell & Ross uses a simple concept to subvert the traditional watchmaking rules in 2005-the conversion of the aircraft cockpit into a watch. As a unique original concept, the Instruments series is not only closely related to the aviation world, but also with unique and recognizable charm.

Pioneering Display and Aviation Instrument Style

BR 01 RED RADAR 2011


BR 01 CLIMB 2013

Since the beginning of the exploration of aviation navigation instruments, Bell & Ross has never stopped moving forward, it has developed a number of unique high-tech models, such as BR 01 RADAR, BR 01 AL TIMETER, BR 01 CLIMB, and so on. This has resulted in an extraordinary collection with innovative display capabilities.

Bell&Ross’s new model is still faithful to its brand philosophy, and is inspired by the pointer-type instrument in the cockpit of the aircraft–and every instrument here is considered the accurate, legible and reliable benchmark, that is the outstanding BR 03-92BICOMPASS watch.

In the design of this watch, Bell & Ross has recreated the drawing style of these navigation tools as much as possible, adding another unique charm to the traditional timepiece.

Excellent Design to Improve Legibility

Bell&Ross designers draw lessons on the graphics features of the navigation tools to create an original display that is extremely legible and easy to read, resulting in a fast and accurate reading of the design and “color code”.

The internal structure of the BR 03-92BI-COMPASS watch with a simple exterior design is not simple. The dial is based on a two-layer structure and is divided into a central main zone and an outer edge by a small “step” with a minute ring. The outer edge zone is provided with a minute orbit. To improve legibility, the hour and minute scales are set separately to mimic the design on the prototype meter—increasing the minute display on the main dial, while the hour display is located in the center area. The hour indication is the responsibility of a green triangle mark located in the center of the independent concentric dial without scale.

Excellent design and structure bring extraordinary technical and craft challenges, only relying on first-class professional watchmaking skills: it needs to create an ultra-light dial to ensure that the power storage (or the accuracy of the watch) does not decrease. In addition, this dial also needs to have sufficient resistance to guarantee that it will not deform and there is no risk of friction. To overcome the double challenge, special materials and new processes need to be developed. Micron-level adjustment accuracy makes certain that the dial is always aclinic when the dial is rotated. The accuracy of the entire assembly is guaranteed by the master craftsman’s exquisite professional skills. The digital font is consistent with the pointer aviation instrument panel (Isonorm).

Color Serves for Practicality

For aeronautical flight, the use of color is critical because it requires signals with different meanings in different colors, so proper color standards need to be set to ensure that the crew can identify the information represented by the signal at a glance.

Blue-Green: Munsell’s green indicates hour time, covered with a Superluminova®, it contrasts sharply with the black dial, ensuring time is easy to read whether in day or night.

Off-white: The “coquilled’oeuf” hands and numbers on the dial are responsible for indicating minutes and seconds, inheriting the principle of legibility of professional aviation instruments. This color is commonly used in a variety of instruments, especially those of the US Navy aircraft.

The inspiration for the anti-reflective matt ceramic finish on the surface of the case is also derived from the color of the instrument panel, which is designed to eliminate reflections and makes the dial clearer and easier to read.

The new BR03-92BI-COMPASS watch will make its owner feel like he has a piece of material in the cockpit of the aircraft – whether it is an aviation fan or a watchmaker, he will be delighted. BR 03-92 BI-COMPASS watch is limited to 999 pieces.