In 2016, Bell & Ross first entered the Formula 1 field and achieved a “marriage” with Renault Formula One. The sparks of watches and cars burned the passion of the game. Since working with the racing field, the company has used the car as a source of inspiration. Since 16 years, it has been unrelentingly launching the relevant wrist timepieces, and this year is no exception. At the Basel International Watch Fair in March this year, three new R.S.18 chronographs were unveiled, inspired by Renault’s new single-seaters racing cars, which brought mechanical engineering craftsmanship and innovative watchmaking techniques to the forefront.

Prior to this, Bell Ross had already drawn inspiration from the car, such as the iconic black and yellow color of the French Renault and the steering wheel of the single-seater, all of which were the source of inspiration. This year, Bell & Ross draws on a key component of the Formula 1® racing car: the chassis. The chassis supports all the components from the engine to the body, forming the structure of the vehicle, so the chassis requirements are also very demanding, both very light and very strong.

For watches, the importance of the case to the watch is equivalent to the chassis to the car, the new watch case is built with tried and tested materials to ensure the high performance level.

The case is 42 mm in diameter and features the brand’s classic “square with a round” design and is made of perforated micro-sprayed titanium to give the watch a low-key and decisive modern matte look. This material is lightweight and sturdy, as the Formula 1® chassis components are as lightweight as possible to enhance performance.

The crown and chronograph buttons are located on one side of the watch, engraved with the brand’s “&” LOGO pattern and surrounded by a non-slip texture for easy grip and proofreading time. The chronograph function of this New Bell & Ross Instruments BR 03 42MM BR 03-94 Chronographe BR 03-94 RS18 is activated by the rocker button and is made of red anodized aluminum. The joystick button is very similar to the shift paddle on the Formula 1® steering wheel, echoing the theme of this watch.

As the “body” of the watch, the design of the dial is applied to the racing elements. The carbon fiber dial is dominated by the yellow and black color schemes, which echoes the spot color of the Renault Formula 1 team and demonstrates the spirit of racing.

In addition to the dial with a speedometer scale at the flange, the two chronograph dials at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock are mainly red and yellow. These designs draw on the stylized aesthetic design of motorsports, tracks and racetracks. In addition, the two function dials have a hollow design, we can see the movement transmission wheel train, adding a mechanical aesthetic. With a distinctive color design and a strong style, this watch creates a time world of speed and passion.

To match the overall style of this new model, the Bell & Ross Instruments BR 03-94 RS18 Chronograph 42MM Self-winding Men’s Wristwatch has developed a strap made of black perforated rubber with a unique ergonomic design and high level of breathability for unparalleled comfort.

The movement uses BR-CAL.301. self-winding movement, the water-resistant is up to 100 meters.

In the name of racing cars, it demonstrates speed and passion. The three new chronographs launched by Bell & Ross this year are the king of the racing world. The car is racing against time, the watch is in precise timing, and there is a similar spirit between the two. Bell and Ross boldly crosses the border and integrates the love of the car into the watch, attracting us with distinct personality and visual impact. The new chronograph is limited to 999 pieces and sells for $6,500.00.