The strong visual perception of the Skull Totem has long been one of the most common design elements of today’s popular culture. In the East, it may be a symbol of death and evil spirits, but in some Western cultures it represents the meaning of rebirth and eternity. Mexico, known as the Kingdom of Skull, is a country with too many lingering ambitions. Apart from Mexico, there is no place in the world where the local culture and the skull are so closely integrated. They believe that after death, they will go to different heavens according to their different ways of death. Death is not the end of life, but the starting point of a new way of life.

In modern times, the Skull Totems from the symbol of meaning into the more representative elements of life, from the emblem design that represents the army’s fearlessness and intimidation of the enemy, to the inspiration and fashion of the artist’s material creation into the product design has become a popular element, let Skull become one of the most recognizable and highly accepted totems of the modern era. In the design of the watch, the Skull totem is also commonly used in different parts, but like other elements, the design of each brand is ingenious, how to play an impressive work is becoming a stage to show creativity.

USMC (US Seal Marine Corps) Special Forces Armband

British Designer Alexander McQueen’s Classic Skull Evening Bag

This year, Bell & Ross has taken a new height in the combination of skull elements and watches. As a fan of Skull Totem, when I first saw this new Bell & Ross BR-01 Laughing Skull watch, I was really amused by its whimsical creativity and black humor! I think few people will see that the first reaction will be laughter, but this watch has such a magical power. When you wind the watch, the chin of the skull will open and close as if smiling (laughing)with you, or if it has something to say, it can’t be waiting to tell you the hidden silence code when you are on the chain. Such a design makes the original darkness of the skull less sinister, but has a slightly humorous taste.

Bell & Ross BR-01 Laughing Skull Wristwatch

When you wind the watch, the chin of the skull will open and close as if it smiles at you.

The skull element has appeared on the Bell & Ross BR 01 Skull watch since 2009, and then has become an independent series of products with different materials and decorative styles, whether it is a Skull Bronze case or a flame tattoo, the sculptural decoration and so on make it a very unique existence of the brand. This time, Bell and Ross developed a new self-made BR-CAL.206 manual movement for this new masterpiece. It adopts a semi-hollow design, and all the wheel trains and the bottom plate are completely redesigned to match the front skull shape. The lower jaw of the activity is composed of the structure similar to the action figure. The balance wheel and escapement structure are moved to the forehead of the skull and exposed. In addition, the four bridges serve as the extension of the four bones to ensure that the main plate is tightly fixed to the case, creating a visual sense of the entire raft suspended in the center of the watch.

For this new masterpiece, the company has developed a new self-made BR-CAL.206 manual movement with a semi-hollow design. All the wheel trains and the bottom plate are redesigned to match the front skull shape.

In the decoration of the case, the front and back are decorated with Parisian nail carvings. The gorgeous and delicate carving method and the 3D relief method collide with the skull to create a gorgeous Gothic style, such decoration of the watch is rare. The new BR 01 Laughing Skull is available in three versions, limited to 500 stainless steel versions, and respectively limited to 99 bezel diamonds and fully diamond versions.