Bell & Ross is a luxury French watch company headed by the French and Swiss designer Bruno Belamich and businessman Carlos A. Rosillo. As a young watch brand, Bell & Ross, which is established in 1992, is inspired by the dashboard in the cockpit. With the function-focused design concept, it aims to create watches perfectly suiting a professional use. No pains, no gains. The first Bell & Ross watch which is equipped with Valjoux and Lemania 5100 movement achieved a great success at the Basel international watch fair in 1995.

With the development and rise to fame of Bell & Ross, Bell & Ross watch has been coped for long. There is a wide range from top replicas to cheap imitation. About cheap Bell & Ross replicas’ strength and weakness, I hope the artical will help you when you plan to get a Bell & Ross replica watch. For example, replica Bell & Ross Vintage BR 123 COMMANDO watch.

1. There is no doubt that replica Bell & Ross Vintage BR 123 watch has a real price advantage. Generally, its price is equal to or less than one tenth percent of the original price.
2. The replica Vintage BR 123 black watch is equipped with Asian mechanical movement. On the one hand, Asian mechanical movement is cheaper than ETA movement or Japan movement; on the other hand, some Asian mechanical movement, such as Chinese Sea-Gull movement, has a high performance after development for more than sixty years. As a function-focused Bell & Ross replica, there is no pr oblem that it can achieve certain accuracy and great practicability.
3. The replica Vintage BR 123 Automatic watch in black is made of black PVD steel, genuine leather and hard wearing sapphine glass. These good materials determine its level and performance.
4. Mysterious but steady black color and silver stick&number scales and hands stand out men’s distinctive charm and elegance. It is easy matching for business and casual style.

Replica watchmakers adopt good materials and workmanship to make the replica Vintage BR 123 watch, but comparing with 1:1 replica watches or high quality replicas, cheap Bell & Ross replica watches have its disadvantages.

1. Due to the cost and level, cheap replica Bell & Ross Vintage BR 123 watch in black is different from the original on the appearance, such as the scales’ color, the match of the dial’s color and strap color and the position of the date display. So your replica watch is easy to be recognized if you happen to meet a watch expert. However, it doesn’t matter if you don’t mind that.
2. Bell & Ross adopts rare metal materials and precious leather to make its products, while the material selection of replica watches is no match for that.
3. As for service life of movement, Bell & Ross replicas is shorter than the original.