Good Would You Rather Questions

Would you rather questions really are an enjoyable way to open up a conversation.

Can you rather be totally hairless or extremely hairy?
Can you rather be 4’5″ or 7’7″?
Can you rather be blind or deaf?
Can you rather not be tall and thin or short and nicely assembled?
Would you rather be super fast or super strong?
Can you lose half your hearing or rather lose half your hair?
Would you rather look weak and truly be not weak or seem powerful and truly be poor?
Would you rather be as broad as you are tall, or as tall as your broad?
Could you rather age in the neck up only or the neck down just?

Could you rather be poor and work at a job you adore or be not poor and work in a job you despise?
Can you rather be wealthy and nasty or poor and good looking?
Could you rather be rich or be not productive and find true love?
Can you rather work really hard at an unusual occupation or slack off at a dreary job?
Would you take a guaranteed $100,000 50/50 chance at $1,000,000?

Can you rather maintain continuous pain or possess a persistent itch?
Would you rather be blind or not manage to talk for the rest of your own life?
Can you preferably just manage to whisper or just manage to yell everything?
Would you save the life span of someone that you’re close to or save the lives of 5 random strangers?
Can you never touch a computer powered apparatus again or rather never touch another person again?
Can you rather function as the first be the last one to die or to perish among your friends that are close?
Could you rather have a long term memory that is awful or a lousy short term memory?
Would you rather have 1 wish granted today or 3 wishes granted 5 years from now?
Would you rather go without a car or the internet for a month?
Could stand or you rather need to sit all day long?
Can you rather go to jail for annually or live in your automobile to get a year?
Could you rather unable to work with your hands or not have the ability to walk?

Would you rather be a parent or child?
Could you be the person getting dumped or rather ditch someone else?
Would you rather be a prodigy in a world of morons, or a moron in a world of prodigies?
Would you rather not be beautiful and marry a good-looking man or be good looking and wed an ugly man?

Can you lick on another person ‘s armpit or have somebody else lick at your armpit?
Can you snort a tbsp of salt or rather eat a stick of butter?
Can you smell someone else’s or your own fart?
Would you rather be a persistent faster or a chronic bumper?
Could you drink a cup of milk that is spoiled or pee your pants in public?

Would you rather possess the capability to read people’s mind or the ability to fly?
Would you lose your baggage or rather have your flight delayed by 8 hours?
Would you rather be the very best player on a team that is great or the worst player on the very best team?
Would you rather never be able to take a hot shower or never to eat food that is hot again?
Would you be educated and never entirely content or rather be ignorant and happy?
Would you rather never play or play but consistently lose?
Would you rather hang with a couple of friends or go to a large celebration?
Would you rather not be 10 minutes early or be 20 minutes early for everything?
Can you rather give out bad advice or receive advice that is bad?
Can you rather be stuck in a house that’s always glowing or a home which is constantly not light?
Would you be able to eat meat or simply rather be a vegetarian?
Could you rather take your pajamas throughout the day or in a suit all day?
Could you rather go back or forward in time?

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