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Bell&Ross AERO GT And BR 03 Watch AERO GT

Bell&Ross has fused iconic features of the aviation into its designs for wristwatches since it was established. Bruno Belamich spent a lot of time in studying jets, warplanes and bombardment aircrafts, but he who pursues mechanism, fashion and high performance loves racing sport. In 2016, Bell&Ross launched its racing cars and racing car-inspired watches. Bruno Belamich said, “It took us one year to design the concept supercar. To show the best result, we cooperate with car experts. To create Bell & Ross Aero GT with practical and high performance is important for Bell&Ross.”Bell & Ross Aero GT and BR 03 AERO GT show top-grade design and excellent performance.

Bell & Ross Aero GT
Half “gran turismo”-concept Car
Bell & Ross Aero GT was inspired by “gran turismo” from Italy. The kind of roadsters was produced in Pasolini, Italy in the 1950s. As for Ferrari 250 GTO, it was limited to 36 pieces in the 1960s. They can be used as racing cars and family cars. Bell & Ross Aero GT paid homage to the racing legend with an avant-garde way.
Half Aero-concept Car
Jet-inspired Bell&Ross Aero GT shows its relationship with the aviation. The 4.7 meter-long roadster with super-low chassis was injected into Aerodynamic Principles, sweeping and angular, like an invisible warplane. Look down, and its glass roof looks like the cover of jets’ cockpits, and the thin rearview mirrors were inspired by small airfoils. Two oversized exhaust pipes were inspired by jets’. The most impressing is the rear longitudinal aileron whose design comes from a jet’s aileron. It will play an important role when it takes a sharp turn. Bell & Ross fused aeronautic elements into Aero GT.

Bell & Ross BR 03 AERO GT
BR 03 Aero GT is inspired by Bell&Ross AERO GT concept roadsters. It isn’t denied that watchmaking have many similarities with car manufacturing. The two fields involve power reserve, performance, time and accuracy, and they need to use gears, escapement, screws and cams. To design professional timepieces, especially chronograph watches for racer has a long history in the watchmaking field. So, Bell&Ross BR 03-92 AERO GT and BR 03-94 Chronograph AERO GT came out with strong sport style and stream-line exterior looking. Thanks for skeleton movements, BR 03 Aero GT looks more mysterious and becomes lighter.

BR 03-94 Aero GT
With a skeleton movement, BR-CAL.319 and steel-made hour markers, the BR 03-94 Aero GT is an avant-garde chronograph watch. Tachymeter scales printed on the inner bezel help wearers figure up speed of a car. To ensure readability at night, hour markers and indexes are covered with Superluminova®. The aluminum-made timing button in red is recognized highly and convenient to handle.

BR 03-92 Aero GT
BR 03-92 Aero GT is also equipped with a skeleton mechanical movement with automatic wind, BR-CAL.318. It has hours-minutes-seconds. Hour markers and indexes covered with Superluminova® improve readability highly. It extends to 100-meter water resistance. The red triangle at 12 O’clock reminds us of the dashboard of Aero GT roadsters. Black calfskin watch strap with red binding reminds us of luxury automotive interior.

Death From Above: 4 Types of Bell&Ross BR 01 Airborne Talisman Watches

Bell&Ross BR 01 Airborne collection is associated with US Airborne divisions that were born during the Second World War. They were the first to be exposed to danger and the first ones to face death. Their most famous motto was “Death from Above” symbolized by a skull that was a reminder to them of both their power and vulnerability. The 502 Parachute Infantry Regiment wore skull emblems. The skull is a very strong reference to the silent death. That descends on the adversary when the paratroopers are dropped. At dawn On June 6th, 1944, 13,000 American parachutists from the 101st Airborne Division and the 82nd Airborne Division were dropped on Normandy. They are, particularly well trained, particularly well equipped, who had been given a particularly interesting mission. The values of paratroopers are courage, love of challenge, the drive to conquer and the desire to succeed. Values that are perfectly translated to civil society. Death is everywhere in a war. That’s why soldiers like to have fetishes-talismans and good luck charms. Bruno Belamich, a designer of Bell&Ross, said he found the symbol like one finds the paratroopers-a universal symbol of the skull. The skull is a good luck charm that is widely used, and Bell&Ross launched BR 01 Airborne Talisman watch In 2009. In the following years, another 3 members joined the BR 01 Airborne collection.

Bell&Ross BR 01 Airborne
The BR 01 Airborne reinvents the notion of the talisman, and personifies the very spirit of these outstanding men. It is a genuine tribute to the noblest of military values as well as to the bravery of soldiers who face death on a daily basis to defend their country. The Bell&Ross Airborne is interesting because the classic BR 01 Instrument design has been reproduced and by chance the skull and crossbones fit exactly into the space. It is an interesting concept. We should see it as a life insurance policy for those risking their lives. It’s symbolic. It is a philosophical watch. It is a watch that carries meaning.

Bell&Ross BR 01 Airborne, 46mm, is equipped with a mechanical movement with automatic winding. It’s limited to 500 pieces, water resistant to 100 meters.

Bell&Ross BR 01 Airborne II
Bell & Ross BR 01 Airborne II expressed the second tribute to military paratroopers at 2011 SIHH. Its inspiration and exterior design keep consistent with the first Airborne watch. The skull and crossbones are fused into the square watch case perfectly. Surface treatment of watch case of BR 01 Airborne II presents gun-barrel-typed polished effect. Due to repetitive polishing treatment, every of Airborne II watches look distinctive. Sharp teeth-shaped hour markers are visible through sapphire crystal. The skull watch is equipped with a self-winding movement, ETA 2892. It’s limited to 999 pieces, water resistant to 100 meters.

Bell&Ross BR 01 Airborne Titanium 672 / Bell&Ross BR 01 Airborne Titanium 415
All of Bell&Ross BR 01 skull-themed watches are equipped with 46mm watch cases, Bell&Ross BR 01 Airborne 672 and Bell&Ross BR 01 Airborne 415 included. They are more luxury than the first generation Limited Edition and the second generation Limited Edition. For Bell&Ross BR 01 Airborne 415, the skull and crossbones are decorated with black diamonds and white diamonds. You must be surprised on the full-diamond watch case when you see Bell&Ross BR 01 Airborne 672. To echo the diamond watch cases, the two models are equipped with stingray skin watch straps. It will bring you good luck after either of them become your talisman.

Death From Above: 3 Types of Bell&Ross BR 01 Skull-themed Watches

Which model attracts the young most and leads the trend in the watchmaking industry? It’s a skull-themed watch, I think. Bell&Ross has launched 8 types of BR 01 skull-themed watches so far, and they sell well and win a high reputation. Why is Bell&Ross pilot’s watch decorated with skull patterns? What is the connection between them? Of course. BR 01 skull watches have a deep connection with the military field.

Bell&Ross BR 01 Skull collection pays its respects to the legendary history of paratroops during the Second War. Those elite warriors wore badges with skulls and words “Death From Above”. They did in the way in order to remove the bad luck and make enemies feel fearful. Warriors from the 101st Airborne Division and the 82nd Airborne Division of the United State fell from above and landed in Normandy at dawn on June 6, 1944, and they indeed played critical roles in that war. In ancient ages, the strongest and bravest warriors wore skull patterns to show their fearlessness. To today, skull patterns are seen on the military equipment. Inspired by the spirit and culture, Bell&Ross build a skull-themed collection in 2009. Bell&Ross released the first BR 01 Skull watch in 2009. Two new members joined BR 01 Skull collection in 2015, and they are BR 01 Skull Bronze Tourbillon and BR 01 Skull Bronze. In 2016, BR 01 Burning Skull came.

Bell&Ross BR 01 Skull Bronze Tourbillon / Bell&Ross BR 01 Skull Bronze
BR 01 Skull Bronze model is loyal to a skull and crossing bones which is similar to Jolly Roger. Hands on the raised dial echo to sabers and daggers used in the military field. Bell&Ross BR 01 Skull Bronze Tourbillon is the only one in the world, and BR 01 Skull Bronze is limited to 500 pieces.

Bell&Ross BR 01 Skull Bronze Tourbillon, 46mm, features bronze watch case, hand-made skull in pure gold, manual-winding movement with a tourbillon, a regulator, a accuracy indicator and power reserve and vintage alligator-skin strap in brown. It’s a unique watch fusing a precise movement, vintage watch case and skull-themed meaning and spirit. The tourbillon rotates in rose gold frame under the protection of the skull, and it plays an important role in improving accuracy. To pay homage to high end craftsmanship, the movement is visible through sapphire case back. Bell&Ross BR 01 Skull Bronze Tourbillon would show distinctive charm as seasons, climate and humidity change. It was auctioned at OnlyWatch, and the money would be given to Association Monégasque contre les Myopathies (AMM) .

Bell&Ross BR 01 Skull Bronze, 46mm, features square bronze watch case and high performance movement, BR-CAL.302. Screw-in crown help waterproof property reach 100 meters. Cone-shaped hour markers in pure gold stand out through sapphire crystal. It shows Steampunk style perfectly.

Bell&Ross BR 01 Burning Skull
From 2009 to today, Bell & Ross keeps challenging traditional craftsmanship. BR 01 Burning Skull fused military features and art tattoos to make the public surprised.

Bell&Ross BR 01 Burning Skull, 46mm, mechanical movement with automatic winding, BR-CAL.302. Square watch case in 316 L stainless steel with screw-in crown. Dagger-shaped hour hand, saber-shaped minute hand, hour markers on skull-shaped bezel. Front and back of watch case are treated by engraving and lacquering crafts. Alligator-skin strap in brown. Water resistant to 100 meters. It’s limited to 500 piece in the world.

In addition to skull, the watch features fire-shaped, heart-shaped, rose-shaped, sickle-shaped and hourglass-shaped tattoos which lurk overall surface of the watch case.

Watch Review: Bell & Ross BR 03 (42MM) BR 03-92 BLACK CAMO

People who know about Bell & Ross and Penerai often compare them, frankly speaking, I appreciate the former better. As a rising star, Bell & Ross has beening sought for more excellent performance and higher watchmaking skills since it was established. After cooperating with elite troops, such as GIGN and RAID, Bell & Ross launched BR 03-92 Black Camo in 2017. In addition to iconic features, more features were added to the model.

Bell & Ross applied military features to the Commando collection in 2009. It is the first model that are coated with camouflage pattern, which shows Bell & Ross is one of watch brands that use camouflage pattern in the watchmaking industry. For BR 03-92 Black Camo, the brand has developed an original military-type tricolor coating. Its dial is covered with a patchwork of matte grey, its case and strap in matte black. This high-tech timepiece is practically undetectable, especially at night. The matte-treated color not only improves texture but achieve practical effect. Its matte-treated colors also avoid the risk of undesirable reflections. It means that the risk of detection is reduced during tailing missions or operations.

The BR03-92 Black Camo watch is equipped with BR CAL.302, self-winding mechanical movement. Although the movement is based on Sellita SW300-1, it was certified by Swiss Official Chronometer Control. The BR 03-92 Diver watch with BR CAL.302 has accurate time and high performance, water resistant up to 300 meters, so the BR03-92 Black Camo absolutely supplies soldiers on duty with accurate time. For its accuracy, I and my team adjust it with specialized instrument in six positions (crystal up, crystal down, crown down, 12 O’clock position down, 9 O’clock position down and 6 O’clock position down). The following chart will tell us the truth loudly.

People who know something about Bell & Ross know it submitted its design to Italian Military Force, but Italian Military Force chose Offinice penerai finally. In brief, Bell & Ross watch case and dial are suitable for the Military on duty. The dial bears bold numerals and stick hour markers so that hour markers with black Superluminova® material stand out in the dark condition. The first half parts of hour and minute hands and central second hand are covered with matte black in order to make users get accurate time quickly. Date display is set between 4 O’clock and 5 O’clock, round, small and low-key.

Its watch case is made of matte ceramic that is widely used in producing watch cases. First, Ceramic contains stable molecules, so the temperature has less influence on ceramic. Second, ceramic has higher hardness, lower than the diamond. Third, it has firmer and lighter property than steel, scratch-resistant. For the model, ceramic watch case is a wise choice.

Black rubber and ultra-resilient black synthetic fabric watchband is assembled with black PVD pin buckle, comfortable and convenient. As a military-themed watch, BR03-92 Black Camo with outstanding design and practical functions is suitable for men in the daily use. Square and round watch case set off men’s personal charm.

Robert Downey Jr. And His Bell&Ross BR 01-94 Titanium Chronograph Orange


To celebrate tenth anniversary of MARVEL Cinematic Universe, Avenger: Infinity War was released all over the world. All superheroes in Marvel Universe hero film series appeared in this film. It has made $601,381,683 box offices since it was shown. We film fans pay attention to the plot and computer digital effects even heroes’ accessories, such as wristwatches. I have seen the film more than three times, and I tell you the truth that there is no special pictures on watches in this film. According to the plot, it’s not necessary that superheroes wore wristwatches in this film. Iron man was took away when he did morning running. Doctor Strange hasn’t his watch repaired since it was broken. A watch doesn’t fit Spider man in battle suit. Thanos in a glove was busy collecting infinity gems. But Robert Downey Jr. who played the role of Iron man has many stories on watch collecting. It’s Bell&Ross BR 01-94 Titanium Chronograph Orange.

Started the story from the film, Topic Thunder that is a black comedy Robert Downey Jr. starred in. Ben Stiller acted as the director and a leading role in the film “Topic Thunder” in 2017. After the film was shot, Ben Stiller sent BR 01-94 Automatic Chronograph Titanium Orange to Robert Downey Jr.. The watch symbolizes a deep relationship between Robert and Ben and reminds him of his experience. Frankly speaking, I hardly recognized Robert Downey Jr. in that film. Do you want to try? Clean your eyes and look at the following pictures.

Come back to my topic-BR 01-94 Titanium Chronograph watch. It’s a limited edition of 500 pieces and produced before 2017, so it’s hardly to be found in Bell&Ross official website. The watch goes well with the film Topic Thunder. Round dial is screwed in a square solid watch case in titanium. Brushed titanium watch case looks vintage style. Orange stands out against carbon fabric dial. The dial bears “Bell & Ross ” at 12 O’clock, “BR01-94” at 6 O’clock, and “Ltd” between 7 O’clock and 8 O’clock, and they introduce some information. Whenever and wherever, we can catch accurate time when hands whose upper half are adorned with orange sweep across bold numerals and stick hour markers. Close up and we’ll find that others are decorated with dark orange except for lighter orange minute and hour markers and minute and hour hands. Titanium watch case is equipped with black rubber watch band. Overall sport style stands out, and your charm will stand out if you wear it. Not every men can conquer it because of 46mm watch case.

BR 01-94 Titanium Orange is equipped with ETA 2894, mechanical movement with self wind. Bell&Ross often was supported by ETA movements before 2010, and now it has made achievements on in-house movements.

Bell & Ross BR S 39MM Diamond Eagle Women’s Quartz Watch Comes Along With Stars

Bell & Ross BR S Diamond Eagle Women’s Watch was launched in 2016. The elegant timepiece was hugely successful. Followed the trend, and the brand launched the complete collection in 2017. Inheriting the first model, the collection was inspired by a starry sky. The dial is decorated with brilliant diamonds as if dazzling stars twinkled in the night sky. The family includes four colors: Grey model, White model, Pink model and Blue model.

Birth of Success
Before flying the sky, human beings used groups of stars to guide their directions. In ancient time, navigators determined their location at sea by judging the location of stars. According to the observation of the Sun, the first pilots relied on visual navigation to fly. When night fell, little stars started to guide the plane. With great respect, Bell & Ross thinks it’s hard for pilots to arrive at their destination without the help of stars. To pay homage to stars, it’s undoubtedly logical that Bell & Ross created the BR S Diamond Eagle filled with brave and attractive temperament. The brand selected the Eagle Nebula to decorate the graceful dial.

Eagle Nebula
Eagle, a large bird, is the embodiment of power. Seven brilliant diamonds on the sunray, pure white or midnight blue dial tells a story about the Eagle Nebula. The legendary group of stars can be appreciated from the earth. The size and brightness of the seven diamonds present the Eagle Nebula perfectly. Bell & Ross hoped the God Bird to make the collection full of wisdom and power. Ultimate wisdom and extraordinary elegance are fused in the collection flawlessly.

Color Blending
Available in four colors, midnight blue, white, grey sunray and pink sunray. The four colors set the sky off as the earth alternates day and night and the seasons changes. Midnight blue represents the galaxy. Grey is inspired by the moon. White reminds us of cotton-like cumulus clouds or cirrus clouds. The sky is interspersed with pink at dawn or dusk. Each of the four styles includes two models-Simple model and Diamond model. The former bears smooth bezel and seven brilliant diamonds on the dial. The latter has 66-piece diamond bezel, a precious timepiece.

Watch Case
With slender look and elegant style, 39mm square and round watch case set female temperament off to advantage. With polishing and matte process, steel watch case presents perfect visual effect. For BR S White Diamond Eagle watch, white ceramic-made watch case brings out extraordinary female charm. Watch case back comes with eagle constellation.

The same color model is available in two watchbands. Bell & Ross BR S Grey Diamond Eagle comes with grey satin calfskin strap and steel-made Milanese mesh bracelet. Bell & Ross BR S White Diamond Eagle is equipped with white satin-effect calfskin or white ceramic strap. Bell & Ross BR S Pink Diamond Eagle matches with pink alligator-skin strap or Milanese mesh bracelet. Bell & Ross BR S Blue Diamond Eagle with midnight blue alligator-skin strap or Milanese mesh bracelet is available. Folding clasp for Milanese mesh bracelet and ceramic bracelet. Pin buckle for stain-effect calfskin strap.

Bell & Ross BR S 39MM Diamond Eagle fuses Eagle Nebula with watchmaking craftsmanship, distinctive and attractive. All models are equipped with calibre BR-CAL.102. Quartz, Swiss-made and reliable. Water resistant to 100 meters. It’s not only a timepiece but a chic jewelry.

X Factor: Bell & Ross Experimental BR-X2 Tourbillon Micro-Rotor Men’s Watch

X factor is all around us. It represents an unknown number in math equations. In psychology, it’s a factor that impels one to obtain the success or go beyond the limits. It’s also common in aerospace industry, for example, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) names most of test items“X”projects. It has opportunities to show its talents in the watchmaking industry. Bell & Ross has named its innovative wristwatches “X” theme since 2014. To 2017, the new BR-X2 conveys the innovative, creative and high-performance value concept of the Bell & Ross brand. “X”-themed Bell & Ross watch conveys double meaning.

With masculine style, the BR-X1 Black Titanium watch made its appearance in 2014, symbolizing the first step to a stage filled with experimental and innovative spirit. Combining bold creativity and sport style, Bell & Ross BR-X1 Black Titanium watch features skeleton chronograph movement and high-tech square watch case fusing titanium, ceramic and black rubber. It’s two years later that the BR-X1 Tourbillon Sapphire watch created a real revolution. Its square watch case cropped and made from a whole sapphire brings out clean and transparent temperament. The model established a direct connection between High-grade watch and Grand sophisticated watch. The BR-X2 Tourbillon Micro-Rotor opened a new chapter for Bell & Ross Experimental collection.

If only three words are used to define the model, they must be case, movement and dial. It’s hard to get rid of any of the three elements. The real innovation lies precisely in questioning traditions, challenging the impossible and exploring new paths. That embodies all-in-one-shaped watch case and movement. When steel and sapphire watch case was designed, a Utopia-style idea occurred to Creative director Bruno Belamich. The case and the movement are merged into the same part so that the case disappears and only the movement is visible.

The basic concept of BR-X2 Tourbillon Micro-Rotor is that BR-CAL.380 developed independently by Bell & Ross is set between twp parts of sapphire watch case. The design shows invisible transparent watch case and skeleton movement. To highlight pure aesthetic and professional technology, designers choose a simple and high-performance theme. Thanks for the flying tourbillon at 6 O’clock counteracting the influence from gravity, hour and minute hands go around the skeleton dial precisely. 42.5mm * 8.9mm watch case benefits from automatic Micro-rotor.

Bell & Ross builds its status in High Timepiece for BR-X2 Tourbillon Micro-rotor. Limited to 99 pieces, Bell & Ross BR-X2 Tourbillon Micro-rotor Men’s Watch brings the special wearing experience that a movement is on your wrist for those who can appreciate its beauty.

Caliber: BR-CAL.380, self-winding movement.
Functions: Hours-Seconds; Flying tourbillon at 6 O’clock.
Case: 42.5MM. Sapphire watch case.
Dial: Skeleton dial. Hour harkers and hour & minute hands set with Superluminova®.
Crystal: Anti-glare sapphire crystal.
Watchband: Grey Alligator-skin strap with folding clasp in steel.
Water resistant up to 50 meters.

Bell & Ross Instruments BR03-92 Diver Watch VS Rolex Submariner Diver Watch Ref. 116610LV

Plongeur professionnel équipé d’une montre Bell & Ross BR03-92 Diver le 20 avril 2017

Bell & Ross keeps going forward and exploring higher and better watchmaking technology in order to satisfy more professional demands. Bell & Ross BR03-92 Diving watch joined the Instruments collection in 2017. Many unexpected situations will arise in deep sea. The charm of the sea is as great as its danger. In that case, a diving watch’s accuracy plays an important role. How will Bell & Ross BR03-92 Diving watch face the test of extreme environment?

As a pioneer in Bell & Ross diving field, the HYDROMAX® was launched in 1997. Its key technological innovation is the watch case filled with transparent anti-rust oil which can withstand water pressure of 1110 bar / 11100 meters. Ten years later, Bell & Ross made a further progress in diving watch. With Tonneau-shaped watch case, helium escape valve and hyperelastic sapphire crystal, the BR02 showed its high brand recognition, water resistant up to 1000 meters. In 2017, with the help of advanced watch manufacturers and experienced divers, Bell & Ross launched a professional diving watch, BR03-92 which passed the test of Swiss watchmaking specifications, water proof to 300 meters / 1000 feet.

First of all, its crown is an auger-type fixing device with the device protecting the crown. To achieve the best water resistant performance, the crown was covered with black rubber. Second, thick steel square watch case can withstand high water pressure better. Thanks for its soft iron inner shell, anti-magnet performance of BR03-92 Diver watch was improved and optimized. Third, the BR03-92 Diver has 2.85mm-thick sapphire crystal, while the steel model only has 1.5mm-thick sapphire crystal. With anti-glare coating, it has see-through effect in any angle. Last, the BR03-92 Diver is equipped with two types of watchbands, woven black rubber and ultra-resilient black synthetic fabric.
Movement: Automatic
Base: Sellita SW300-1
Display: Analog
Diameter: 25.60
Jewels: 25
Power Reserve: 38
Frequency: 28,800
Date: Date
Hands: Hours, Minutes, Seconds
I reduced my passion for it when I knew about its movement, BR-CAL.302. It’s pity that a movement based on Sellita SW300-1 was assembled in such a sturdy and chic watch case. Maybe I’m too serious about the movement, you can buy one after all it is affordable.

Rolex Submariner Diver Watch Ref. 116610LV
When it comes to a diving watch, I think the most popular model is Rolex Submariner Oyster dviers’ watch Ref. 116610LV. A comparison of it and the BR03-92 Diver will tell us their gap. The submariner reference 116610LV is equipped with calibre 3135, manufacture mechanical movement with automatic winding certified by COSC. Parachrom hairspring is a great help to resist vibration and temperature variation. Kif shock protection system prevents a watch balance staff from breaking by allowing it to move slightly, both laterally and vertically, using a spring-mounted jewel setting. Its architecture, in common with all Oyster watch movements, makes it singularly reliable. It’s obvious that Cal. 3135 has better performance than BR-CAL.302.

Bell & Ross: BR-Bird Racing Plane and BR-V2-94 Racing Bird Chronograph

Inspired by aircraft engineering, Bell & Ross designed a racing car independently first, and then a BR-Bird Racing Plane gave us a surprise in 2017. At Baselworld 2018, Bell & Ross launched BR V2-94 Racing Bird Chronograph which was inspired by the racing plane. The inspiration of Bell & Ross watch has been taken from cockpit and flight instrument since Bell & Ross was founded. Bell & Ross built its standards on readability, accuracy and reliability, hence it produced breathtaking machines and outstanding timepieces with high performance.

BR-Bird Racing Plane
BR-Bird Racing Plane is a high-speed plane which joined in Reno Air Races in a record-breaking way. The most intense game in Aviation happens in Reno’s sky every year. Two secret tips can help an aviator win a game. One is that an aviator must be brave and flexible; the other tip is that it’s necessary that he need a highly maneuverable racing plane with excellent performance and extraordinary power. BR-Bird is the right plane. Made of graphite, glass fiber and titanium and aluminium alloy, the single-seat racing plane is equipped with V12 Rolls Royce Falcon power system based on Merlin engine. The cockpit of BR-Bird racing plane is set as backward as possible, which reminds people of the modified racing car. The aerofoil set at the front reminds us of Comet DH.88, Hughes H-1 and Bugatti-DeMonge 100P in the 1930s and P51 Mustang in the 1940s. The Y-shaped tail wing not only is impressed deeply but also guarantees maneuverability. With delicate looking, powerful aesthetics, the BR-Bird racing plane embodies the high-tech application and aviation development.

BR-V2-94 Racing Bird
The speciality of BR-Bird racing plane like speed and good performance can be founded on the BR-V2-94 Racing Bird Chronograph watch. White dial is as if the body of the racing plane. Hour markers, the timer at 9 O’clock, the bezel and the watch band are decorated with the same color-blue as the blue tail wing of BR-Bird and decorative lines in blue. Central chronograph second, leather lining and detailed decoration in orange stand out as well as the color of the dashboard. Gray symbolizes the brand logo on the racing plane. After hour and minute hands in steel were hallowed out, they would be coated with Superluminova® material. The BR-V2-94 Racing Bird Chronograph watch is equipped with two watchbands, a steel bracelet and a blue cowskin strap with orange lining. BR-V2-94 Racing Bird Chronograph opened a new chapter in designing and style, a limited edition of 999 pieces across the world.

Limited Edition of 999 pieces.
Movement: Calibre BR-CAL.301. Automatic mechanical.
Functions: Hours, minutes, small seconds and date at 3 o’clock. Chronograph: 30-min timer at 9 o’clock, central chronograph seconds.
Case: 41 mm in diameter. Satin-polished steel. Steel bezel with anodised blue aluminium ring and tachymeter scale. Screw-down crown and push-buttons. Sapphire case-back.
Dial: White. Blue painted numerals. Metal skeleton Superluminova®-filled hour and minute hands.
Crystal: Ultra-curved sapphire with anti-reflective coating.
Water-resistance: 100 meters.
Strap: Satin-polished steel / Blue Cowskin strap with orange lining
Buckle: Folding. Satin-polished steel.

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